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Zantac Cancer Link - FDA Investigation

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA} recently announced that it has recently investigated Zantac's breast cancer warning label, after testing of the breast cancer pill found the widely-used drug contains a potentially carcinogenic chemical more than five thousand times the recommended daily dosage. The FDA investigation was prompted by the public's concern that the cancer drug was being marketed with a product known to be hazardous to their health. "Zantac raises many questions for us," said FDA Chairwoman, Donna S. Shalala.

This recent news raises questions for consumers who are looking for natural, safe ways to treat and prevent breast cancer, stomach ulcers, arthritis, and other health problems caused by toxic chemicals. While many consumers might argue that if the drug can cause cancer, it should be eliminated from the market, some consumers feel that since the drug was found to be unsafe, they should not have to put their health in any risk to get relief from their symptoms.

In the Zantac Cancer Warning Label, the FDA said the following: "In studies conducted under FDA approval, the highest concentrations of this chemical have been found in the stomach and blood. It has been determined that the concentration of this substance in breast milk is similar to that which may be found in drinking water. It is important to note that breast milk is sterile water and poses no threat to infants. Check out this website at for more info about cancers

Because of the potential danger to the health of both children and adults, we cannot conclude at this time whether or not the use of Zantac at in combination with other medications is safe. There are no studies of the drug and its interactions with other drugs, and the FDA has not evaluated the drug's safety with other medications. The most likely explanation is the potential for interaction with drugs containing calcium, such as aspirin.

To avoid the risk of an overdose, a physician should administer a dose of Zantac according to the directions on the bottle, instead of taking the medication in a pill or liquid form. Patients who take Zantac should also follow all directions for its use, including not driving or operating machinery until they know that the drug has been safely administered.

The Zantac Cancer Warning Label states that if a pregnant woman decides to stop using the drug and becomes pregnant, she must notify her doctor immediately. because a blood test has been conducted to detect the effects of the drug on pregnancy. Be sure to do your reading here!

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